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An Ocean Movement

OCEANISM was founded by artist and environmentalist Caro Pampillo, as a way to express her feelings and beliefs about the ocean, creating content to raise awareness in an artistic way

to help educate, protect, heal and find solutions.  

"Ocean is the answer. It’s what I believe in.
Oceanism is my religion, my philosophy.
So I guess that means I’m an Oceanist.

I hope you feel the same way..."

~ Caro


Our Causes

A few billion years ago, the Earth was a true water world, completely covered by a global ocean. Today, about 71% of Earth’s surface is covered by water and contains 97% of Earth’s water.
The Ocean plays the most important role to life on Earth. For the last decades, the ocean has been suffering from threats such as climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, species in extinction and the dramatic decrease in ocean fish stocks.
The Ocean and marine life, from dolphins, whales, turtles, shelly fish and seaweed, need us.

We come from the Ocean.

We depend on the Ocean.

We are all sea creatures.


Ensuring that All Voices are Heard


Everyone Counts

Pack of Fish




Showing real life topics and stories to help educate kids, teenagers and people in general,

regarding the significant and important role that the ocean and its inhabitants

play on the health of the planet and the survival of mankind.

Happy Childhood
Image by Rudney Uezu
Plastic Polluted Ocean